Minister Lake discusses ‘back to basics’ vision approach with Ministry VROMI Staff

The Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake earlier this week met with department heads and some staff at Ministry VROMI to discuss his ‘back to basics’ vision approach.

"I have taken note of the ideas of social writers such as the Soualiga Social Movement and Russell Simmons. Their approach fits into my ‘back to basics’ vision

"The country has reached the cross-roads where development is concerned, and the people are more interested in the repairs and addressing the little issues that impact their lives on a daily basis. This has been a United People’s party philosophy of addressing the quality of life issues of the people.

"We have issues of sewage that need to be dealt with by the utilization of small sewage plants; parking regulations need to be enforced. More parking is needed in Philipsburg and the Simpson Bay strip along with bus stops and proper signage.

"Social writers have suggested a cultural park, eco activities for tourists and residents, which I totally agree. I envision a park in the center of Philipsburg at the Clem Labega Square for example where families can come together, and a multi-story parking facility for the Philipsburg area.

"We need to see where the public and private sectors can collaborate in these areas. These various points have been discussed in my meeting with the staff of Ministry VROMI. There also has to be cross-Ministry collaboration as well," Minister Lake said on Wednesday.

When it comes to zoning, Minister Lake said that he will work in close consultation with landowners to have areas zoned for agriculture and livestock.

"Sint Maarteners are resilient and have always felt close to the land. We need to preserve green areas for the replanting of fruit trees," Minister Lake pointed out.