Prime Minister Expresses Appreciation to Former Ministers for Contribution to Country St. Maarten

Says people of St. Maarten can rest assured that it is the priority of the new Government to take care of the business of the people

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams, after about five weeks of discussions regarding the political developments, was sworn in on Friday, the fourteenth of June as the Prime Minister of the Wescot-Williams III Cabinet at the Offices of the Governor.


Despite the sometimes difficult political situation of the past few weeks, the Prime Minister stated that she would indeed like to thank the departed previous Ministers for their contribution in shaping Country St. Maarten.

"I would like to express to the outgoing Council of Minister, from the depths of my heart, my appreciation for their contribution during the last year and a month they have made to the people of St. Maarten. The Political Developments have demanded a change in the Government of St. Maarten, however I know that it is never easy to make the decision to accept the proposal to become a Minister for Country St. Maarten given the fact that we are still in our young stage as a country and that indeed many difficulties are being faced by Government everyday. People deciding to become Ministers need to take into account political changes like we have had since 101010; political changes which in fact occurred not once but twice. So Again I would like to thank the outgoing Ministers, separate from all of the political discussions that have been taking place, for their contribution to this Country St. Maarten under a Wescot-Williams Cabinet.

"Similarly I would like to wish the incoming Ministers all the best. It has not been an easy time for you and some have used this opportunity to, as we would say in St. Maarten, tear you asunder, but the fact that you have accepted to take on this position shows that you are strong and so I wish all of my colleagues the very best.

"As I stated before we got into this particular political development; the stability of a Government, preferably for the full term that the Parliament is elected by the people of St. Maarten, is something that in my opinion we all, as politicians, should work towards. It is not without reason that in the Governor’s request to me to act as formateur for the New Government the item of Political Stability and Electoral Reform is mentioned in His Excellency’s letter. Myself and my collegue Ministers have made it a critical point to work on the issue of electoral reform. We are too you of a country to have these political changes occurring, political changes that result in a stagnation of Government and there is always too much to be done to entertain a political shift. Matters of Social and Economic Development are too important and need to be addressed and the people of St. Maarten can rest assured that it is the priority of the incoming Government to work on these matters in taking care of the business of the people," concluded Prime Minister Wescot-Williams.