Minster De Weever looks into scholarships and better follow-up care for patients

Minister De Weever is currently negotiating better follow-up care for our patients and scholarships for our medical staff here on the island. The minister recently met with the COOMEVA Medical Group, where the issue of follow-up medical care and scholarships were discussed.


Minister De Weever stated that patients who travelled to Colombia for medical care will soon be able to follow-up with their doctor via TeleMed, instead of having to travel back to Colombia. The possibility is also being looked at to have a specialist from Colombia visit the island to screen patients who have to travel to Colombia and also have follow-up care with patients. The specialist will be determined by the need.

In addition, the minister has been able to secure two nursing scholarships for four years, whereby nurses will be able to work in the international section of the hospital in Colombia. Internships for nurses for four to six months in specialized areas, such as the ICU, Neonatal/Pediatric care, mental health/psychiatric nursing and also other specialties and sub specialties are being negotiated.

"Continuous education and upgrades is of utter importance for each professional field, and the medical field is no exception, we have a very strong and professional nursing staff here on the island and giving them various learning opportunities will only elevate the service being offered to our patients," said Minister De Weever.