The SMFA Futsal Competition is reaching its peak.

The 1st round in the semi-finals kicked-off last night (Decmber 2ND 2012) with a couple of youth games , 2 games in the NSL, 1 game in the NDL and 1 veteran match


At 1PM the games started with U13 exhibition matches. Youth U14 matches will continue on Sunday.

Flames United took revenge against the 4-2 loss suffered …

in the first round delivered by FC Veendam by beating them 6-5. Flames United is now one game closer to be crowned champion in the Nagico Division League (NDL).

By beating ShakEat 4-3, Risc Takers is also one game closer to be a final contender.

In a very high tempo and sometimes aggressive match the much experience and older Risc Takers team took control of the game and showed the Young and skillfully Shakers all corners of the playing arena.

The same story line unfolded in the match between Paradise Inn and Strikers FC.

Paradise Inn, the defending champs and marked as favorites, was trailing at the beginning but kept pushing forward and beat Strikers FC 3-2.

With 2 Matches to play Risc Takers Veterans is already champion in the veteran division.
This win is remarkable due to the fact that the same veteran squad, playing in the veteran competition, is also playing in the senior competition with the addition of 2 or 3 younger players.

The 1 point advantage of both Super league matches is very marginal making the 2nd matches on the 9th of December a must see game.