OASIS Games Celebration on Sunday; Certificate presentation on Monday

The OASIS Game training will be winding down this weekend with a Celebration on Sunday evening in Dutch Quarter. The event at one point attracted up to 80 people.

On December 1 and 2 activities will be held at the De Weever property along the main road starting at 8am to 6pm on both days. The entire Dutch Quarter community is invited to come out on both days to share their talents, humor, skills and creativity with friends, neighbors and young people.


A core group of approximately 15 persons have acquired the status of the Dutch Quarter OASIS Games Team Players who will receive certificates on Monday. The Dutch Quarter Community Council (DQCC) according to one of the project coordinators Ron Oei, was a key link that was involved in the preparatory phase of the process.

The DQCC has also facilitated the process during the past two weeks and Oei and his team hopes that other community councils will follow suit.

The Dutch Quarter community have come together and to build their dream for their neighborhood which entails a playground, sitting area and the beautification of the pond near the main road.

The OASIS game originates from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Earlier this year, OASIS games were organized on Curacao and Bonaire.

The European Development Fund is funding this initiative through USONA.