Dynamics Sporting Club Foundation Receives New Members

On March 8th 2012, the coach of the The Dynamics Sporting Club Foundation received 11 certificates for its members who have joined the Speedy Plus Club.

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These members are now officially liscensed and certified under the French Athletic Federation (FFA) This gives the members the opportunity to legally train and compete in all French countries, something that was not possible before. These athletes will not represent France but Dutch Sint Maarten under the Speedy Plus Club. The slogan " Cooperation Beyond the Border" highlights and emphasizes both clubs willingness to think "outside of the box" for our youths and create opportunities for them to excel . The certified members are Abdule Wattley, Sheldon Wilson, Shemar Wattley, Amber-Nivelle Tavernier, Fagan Fontaine, Zoe Van Dijk, Antonia Faucher, Mike Destin, Dejon Daly, Fernando Brooks, and Richard Thomas.