The Honorable Minister of Justice, Lyndon Lewis had a formalceremony at the government administrative building, where he distributed a new batch of 25National Decrees (LBs) to justice employees.

This distribution is part of the ongoing efforts to distribute the new salary scales and National Decrees (LBs) for justice personnel.
In a statement minister Lewis emphasized his commitment to ensure that this process continues and
highlighted his decision of conducting the ceremony only after receiving all necessary signings and
emphasized that employees could appeal the decrees if needed. The event was particularly significant
for justice employees who have eagerly awaited these decrees. Minister Lewis also shared plans to
escalate the distribution rate, by increasing the manpower in the near future.
In an invited comment, responding to recent political fluctuations and debates in parliament, Minister
Lewis remarked, “The work continues, and I have not lost a day due to these developments. The
executive branch operates independently, and I refuse to be distracted from my duties. The Justice
Ministry requires substantial attention to steer us back on course. As long as I am the Minister of
Justice, I am committed to working daily to ensure proper compensation for all justice workers.”
This statement comes at a time when the ministry is focusing heavily on improving conditions and
efficiency within the justice sector, aiming to maintain stability and focus despite the ongoing
political discourse.