The Saba Tourism Bureau is thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural “Saba Art Month
2024,” a month-long celebration of Saba’s rich artistic heritage and vibrant contemporary art
scene. Scheduled to take place throughout the month of April, this exciting event aims to
showcase the diverse art styles and talents of the island while providing engaging activities for
both locals and visitors alike.
The festivities kick off with an opening art exhibition titled “Jazz in the Park,” which promises to
be a captivating evening of art, music, and culture. An event walking us through the history of
Saba’s art from “then to now” collaborated with Major Osmar R. Simmons Museum, Harry L.
Johnson Museum, and the Sea and Learn Foundation, the event will feature displays of Saba’s
artistic evolution from past to present. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy live music
performances by DJ Zander Zone and renowned artists Betti V and Saxophonist Connis
Vanterpool. Additionally, live workshops led by esteemed Saba artists Mary Theilman and
Marie Petit will offer participants the chance to explore their creativity through painting and
jewelry making.
Throughout the month, Saba Art Month will offer a diverse range of activities and workshops
catering to all ages and interests. Highlights include a collaborative mural project with the
Community Development and Culture Department, a serene “Sip and Paint” experience nestled
in the island’s lush rainforest venue Rendezvous, and engaging art classes for students at the
Primary School. Visitors and locals alike can also partake in Create & Learn workshops focusing
on sustainable art practices, including the renowned Saba Lace, pottery making, and glass bead
Alexis Charles, Product Development Coordinator at the Saba Tourism Bureau, emphasized the
importance of art in bringing communities together and providing tourists with authentic
experiences. “Art brings the family together and gives tourists a piece of the heart of Saba to
take home after their experience on the island,” she noted.
Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell expressed excitement about the inaugural Saba Art Month,
highlighting its significance in showcasing Saba’s creative community and fostering partnerships
across various sectors. “Saba has an active creative community, and this is a great way to
highlight, promote, and partner up with tourism partners, foundations, and other government
departments,” she stated.
Saba Art Month is set to become an annual fixture on the island’s cultural calendar, with the
tourism bureau committed to enriching the destination’s offerings through thematic months

that cater to both tourists and the local community. For those interested in participating in
Saba Art Month events, registration is now open through the Saba Tourism Bureau. Join us as
we celebrate the vibrant art and crafts of Saba during Saba Art Month 2024!
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