Illegal Dumping Site Clean-Up Operation Commences on Pond Island: Ministry of VROMI TakesDecisive Action

The Ministry of VROMI (Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure) has launched a concerted effort to combat illegal dumping along the road behind Sint Maarten Building Supplies (SBS), commencing yesterday and extending throughout the week. This initiative aims to address the persistent issue of unauthorized waste disposal plaguing the area.
The ongoing illegal dumping on the road behind SBS has been a growing concern, posing environmental
hazards to the surroundings. In response, the Ministry of VROMI has taken decisive action to restore
cleanliness and order to the area.
As part of the comprehensive strategy, the Ministry is undertaking several key measures:
Clean-Up Operation: Immediate clean-up efforts began yesterday and will continue over the course of
the week. Contracted teams are diligently working to remove accumulated waste and restore the area
to proper conditions.
Road Modification: In a bid to prevent future occurrences of illegal dumping, the Ministry of VROMI is
actively working on converting the road behind SBS into a one-way street. This strategic move aims to
regulate traffic flow and enhance monitoring capabilities to deter unlawful dumping activities.
Boulder Installation: To further reinforce the deterrence against illegal dumping, boulders will be
strategically placed along the roadside to impede access for unauthorized waste disposal. These physical
barriers will serve as a visible deterrent.
The Ministry of VROMI emphasizes the importance of community cooperation in maintaining the
cleanliness and integrity of public spaces. Residents and businesses are urged to refrain from illegal
dumping and to utilize designated waste disposal facilities responsibly.