Minister Anna E. Richardson honored as the first female Minister of Justice

On March 8, 2023, the Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson attended the Windward Islands Civil Servants Union – Private Sector Union (WICSU/PSU) International Women’s Day celebration held at Carl and Sons Unique Inn Conference Hall. The celebration which was hosted by the board and women’s committee of WICSU/PSU, served as an
occasion to honor and recognize seven First Ladies of Sint Maarten’s workforce. Minister Richardson was honored as the first female Minister of Justice since March 2020.
Recognizing the first ladies of St. Maarten’s workforce, brings awareness to our community on the great achievements and contributions of women throughout the many sectors of our society, serving to motivate and inspire our young women and girls to be even more, here in Sint Maarten and abroad. All first ladies present gave remarks on their achievements within the workforce as being the first lady to hold a position.
During the ceremony, Minister Richardson spoke about knowledge being the catalyst that had aided her in accomplishing the achievements of the Ministry of Justice together with her team. She stated that she firmly believed knowledge is the key to liberty. The accomplishments highlighted included the Ministry’s completed and approved Function Book, Sint Maarten’s first Anti-Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Conference to address the sale of counterfeit items and bring awareness to the importance of Intellectual Property protection, Minister Richardson’s continuous campaign against Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence, and the establishment of a new weapon policy.
“I’d like to thank the board and members of the WICSU/PSU for recognizing me as Sint Maarten’s first female Minister of Justice. It is a pleasure to celebrate the accomplishments, and leadership of women here in Sint Maarten and all around the globe. We have come a long way, from when we were not allowed to make decisions or hold certain functions. We have seen women rise to the occasion and exhibit leadership skills such as the women who lead together with me at the helm of the Ministry of Justice, heading six out of our nine departments. I take this time to recognize
WICSU/PSU President Ms. Sharon Cangieter for her professionalism and her leadership. Ms. Cangieter wears a lot of hats, but I also appreciate her professionalism as the head of a union. May we continue to shine our light, as a beacon of hope to inspire young women and girls to challenge any signs of inequality aimed at deterring them from achieving their dreams,” stated Minister Richardson.