Minister Ottley opens Health & Hygiene week at Sister Regina Primary School

On Monday, September 26th, Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Omar Ottley opened the Health & Hygiene week at the Sister Regina Primary School in Simpson Bay.
The Health & Hygiene week is a yearly event at the school and is an initiative of its Parent Teacher Association
(PTA) to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, personal and dental hygiene.
Adjunct School Manager Joanne Arrundell kicked off the week with a special opening where they were honored
with the presence of the Honorable Minister Ottley and members of his cabinet Mr. Johnnie Richardson and Mr.
Dwayne Reid.
The children listened intensely to the Minister’s speech and were eager to answer his questions when he
addressed the students about remaining healthy as you grow: You eat well, you exercise and you exercise your
brain. He explained that a healthy lifestyle does not only mean physical exercise, but also to keep training your
brain by reading. He stressed the importance of oral health, not eating too much sugar, and washing your hands to
help prevent diseases. After this, Minister Ottley officially opened the Health & Hygiene week by cutting the
“It is important that health and hygiene is thought at an early age. The aspect of health is not only physical but also
mental. I encourage the schools to promote a healthy lifestyle as it builds confidence in the students, which can
prevent depression,” said Ottley.
Guest speaker Dietician Karen Eusebius already had a successful presentation teaching the younger students about
‘eating the rainbow’ – fruits and vegetables from each color – to get a variety of important vitamins and nutrients.
The older students were taught about the Go and Slow food differences. She also highlighted the importance of
staying active and drinking water.
Dental Hygienist Esmee Bakker is visiting on Wednesday and there will be several other engaging activities on the
Health and Hygiene topic to bring awareness.