First Specialist teachers on Saba

On December, 6th 2011 representatives of nine companies on Saba received their specialist trainer certificates. The presentation of these certificates marks the official end of this 3-days basic course for specialist teachers on Saba. In November this training was held on Statia for the time.

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This training is an initiative of Beatrijs Keijzer, from the Calibris Kenniscentrum, who on assignment of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, has guided the structural cooperation between the business community and education on Saba and Statia. This is in anticipation of the foundation of a ROA ("Raad Onderwijs Arbeidsmarkt")

Good vocational education requires the involvement of the business community. This is possible by offering among others good work placements, where students can gain practical experience. A specialist teacher is someone in the company where the students are during work placement, who guides the students.

The training is meant to support local companies that will offer students such work placement. During the training more focus will be placed on how good guidance can be given to the students at the training company. So it is expected that the companies take into consideration the way the student are used to learning and that there is always time for guidance interviews. The training also deals with the manner in which to conduct these interviews and the agreements between the accredited training companies and schools.

On Saba there is much interest in the courses for specialist trainers an in the meantime it was also recently announced that some companies on the island will soon be accredited training companies.

Michiel Boeken, principal of the Saba Comprehensive School, said he is very pleased with the large interest from the local business community. "This is in the interest of the students as well as the companies. The large interest is a sign of confidence trust in a fruitful cooperation for the future."


The brand new specialist teachers are from various local companies and education institutions, amongst others Eden restaurant, Laura Lindsay Daycare Centre, Windward Roads, SATEL telecommunication company, Foundation Social Workplace, Queen’s Garden hotel and the garden project of the Foundation Social Workplace and the Saba Comprehensive School.