3 Soldiers from Curaçao participate in Officer Training For The Marines in The Netherlands

Troop commander Sicni Meulens pays a visit with pride to the 3 soldiers from Curaçao, whom at this moment are participating in the Practical Training of Marines (POTOM) in the Netherlands. This heavy and intensive training, which has a duration of 9 months, is an important step in the professional development of the Dutch Caribbean Military.

So far the aspiring officers Carmelia, Martina and Koster have successfully completed phase 1 of the POTOM and will also do so in the end of February with phase 2.  This enables them to operate optimally in the Caribbean Region.  In view of their excellent performance, they have submitted a request to also follow phases 3 and 4, in which they will learn to lead larger groups of soldiers at a higher level.

Lieutenant Meulens, he himself the last soldier from Curaçao, who has completed this heave training in the Netherlands in 2020, displays great pride for the performances of the participants. He sees a lot of potential for the aspiring officers in Curaçao. 

The training will be completed during the last week of June with a final bivouac in which all trained aspects are discussed. The flow of Military from Curaçao and Aruba is one of the priorities for the forthcoming years of Defence in the Dutch Caribbean Region. With this a long lasting and professional career for the soldiers of Curaçao and Aruba is guaranteed in the region, which contributes to peace and safety in the Dutch Caribbean Region.