TELTV+ lands exclusive rights to live Pay-Per-View Festival di Tumba event

TelEm Group is kicking off its latest TELTV+ Pay-Per-View service Monday, with exclusive rights to bring Curaçao’s hottest cultural musical event – Festival di Tumba 2024 – to St. Maarten homes.

Each year thousands of visitors, including thousands from St. Maarten, flock to Curaçao to take part in the country’s annual Carnival and featured Tumba festival, however, there are also many music and carnival lovers who cannot attend the event.
For those persons, TELTV+ is turning the tables and bringing the Tumba Festival, along with all the colorful costumes, floats, and music to televiewers on St. Maarten.
Carnival and music lovers will be able to keep in step with carnival revelers and artists in Curaçao, competing for the coveted Tumba King and Tumba queen titles from the start of the Tumba festival on January 22 nd , 2024, right up to the night of the crowning on January 26 th , 2024 – from their own living rooms.
TELTV+ is bringing the event in an exclusive Pay-Per-View package to current subscribers for a subscription fee of ANG 140 / 77USD, which must be activated from the TelEm store in Simpson Bay or from the main TelEm office location on Pond Island.
Televiewers who sign up for the Pay-Per-View offer by noon on January 23 rd, 2024, will be entered into a Festival Di TUMBA #52 raffle where they can win round-trip plane tickets from SXM to CUR for two to witness the crowning of the Tumba King and Queen. The lucky winners will be invited to spend two additional days in Curaçao for an unforgettable stay. The winning prize includes tickets to attend the
grand finale of the Festival di Tumba and hotel accommodation while in Curaçao.
This year’s Tumba event is dubbed, Festival di TUMBA #52. According to organizers, a host of artists will be competing in the qualifying rounds (Monday to Wednesday) and in the finals on Friday, January 26 th , which is also the final day that TELTV+ subscribers will be able to purchase a Pay-Per-View subscription.
The final day to purchase the Pay-Per-View subscription is 12:00 pm (Noon) January 26 th , 2024.
TELTV+ is proud to be bringing Pay-Per-View events to customers on St. Maarten starting with the Curaçao carnival and Tumba Festival. In the coming weeks and months, other major regional cultural, sporting and entertainment events will be offered under the Pay-Per-View banner.