Learning Is For Everyone Foundation partnered with UNESCO Sint Maarten to offer freeComprehensive Psycho-Education Testing.

In January 2023, the L.I.F.E (Learning Is For Everyone) Foundation received funding from UNESCO to work with four schools in St. Maarten. The purpose of the L.I.F.E Project was to assess twenty pupils struggling academically and/or having behavioral issues.

The initiative which ended in October 2023 assessed children’s cognitive ability, academic achievement levels, general, emotional, and behavioral issues. The intention was to better understand the reason for the challenges observed at school and home. The objective of assessing the pupils was to be able to propose innovative and tangible solutions.

The schools selected for the initiative identified pupils with learning and/or behavioral challenges. The children were underinsured or lacked insurance. Their parents did not have the resources available to discern why their child was struggling academically and, in some cases, behaviourally. Equally, school personnel wanted to help their pupils, but they, too, were at a crossroads with solutions.

L.I.F.E Foundation was founded in 2004 by Julienne A. Augusty, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist. The foundation’s primary purpose is to promote mental health awareness and to support Caribbean children and families. The Board and team at L.I.F.E Foundation work to provide its clients with the necessary tools, strategies, and assistance needed. Another goal is to bring awareness and a sympathetic understanding of the current challenges with our children within our school system, and to assist in offering practical and realistic solutions.

The Board and Team of L.I.F.E, including L.I.F.E’s founder Julienne Augusty and coordinator of the project, Ms. Judith Bell, would like to thank UNESCO for funding the project, Marcellia Henry, Secretary-General UNESCO, St. Maarten, the four participating schools, and especially the parents for partnering with us to support our pupils.