Calibrated Scales: Ensuring Precision and Integrity in Measurements

The Economic Controllers of the Inspectorate of Economic and Transport Affairs (IETA) wish to make the public aware of the importance of using calibrated scales in various industries as required by the Calibration Ordinance. Precision and accuracy in measurements are critical for maintaining quality standards, ensuring fairness in trade, and upholding the integrity of diverse processes.
Calibrated scales serve as the cornerstone of reliable measurements, providing numerous benefits
across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and commerce.
Throughout the year, the Economic Controllers have been busy executing calibrations of weighing
instruments throughout the island including the scales at our very own Princess Juliana International
Airport to ensure that the aviation industry remains safe. The fuel dispensers at the local fuel
stations are also subject to routine calibration checks throughout the year.
Most recently, the Economic Controllers have been out calibrating the scales used in supermarkets
for the retail sale of commodities by weight. All scales designated for trade in all supermarkets will
receive an orange calibration sticker once calibrated to indicate to the public that the scale has been
calibrated by the government and the next expected calibration date (see photo attached).
Calibrated scales must be used whenever trade is conducted based on weight. Consumers and
business as well are advised that it is prohibited to sell, offer for sale or market in any way goods by
size or weight, other than by net content or net weight. In other words, the weight or packaging
must not be considered in the price of goods being sold by weight. Additionally, in retail businesses
the customer must be able to see the display of the measuring or weighing instrument.
Calibration controls will continue and the IETA is calling on retailers to comply. Violations of the
Calibration Ordinance can be subject to a monetary fine.
The Ministry of TEATT has created an email address where complaints can be submitted which is