Minister Ottley: World Diabetes Day Message 2023

St. Maarten stands together on World Diabetes Day 2023, emphasizing this year’s theme: “Access to Diabetes Care.” Our community is committed to raising awareness and fostering a healthier lifestyle.
On this World Diabetes Day 2023, the Honorable Minister Omar Ottley extends heartfelt greetings to each of you. Today serves as a crucial reminder of the collective responsibility we bear in promoting a healthier future for our community.
Diabetes is a global challenge, but through unity, awareness, and informed action, we can make a significant impact. Our government is committed to supporting initiatives that empower individuals to lead healthier lives and reduce the prevalence of diabetes in our beloved St. Maarten. The Ministry of VSA had since embarked on various preventative programs such as CPS diabetic screenings and
the diabetic foot care program—all with the purpose of detecting and treating diabetes at its earliest stage.
Minister Ottley urges the community to join the CPS and Diabetes Foundation for the “Diabetes Panel Discussion” on November 14. The event will be held at Carl’s & Sons Inn Conference Hall in Cole Bay, starting promptly at 6:00 pm. Free on- site health screenings will be provided. Don’t miss this enlightening and complimentary panel discussion.
Remember, a healthier future starts with each one of us making conscious choices.
Let us work together to build a St. Maarten where well-being is a shared priority.
Wishing you good health and a fulfilling World Diabetes Day 2023.