Police Respond to Two Serious Accidents in St Maarten

The Police Force of St Maarten (KPSM) responded to two separate serious accidents on
October 23, 2023. The first incident occurred at 09:00 AM when multiple calls were received
by the police central dispatch regarding a car that had flipped over on its side on Amaryllis
Road. Police patrol, fire department, and ambulance personnel were dispatched to the
scene. Upon arrival, officers found a white I-10 overturned on its side. Bystanders and
officers assisted in safely removing the female driver and her dog from the vehicle. The fire
department stabilized the overturned vehicle, preventing it from slipping further down the
wet pavement. The victim, who was shaken but only suffered minor injuries, was attended
to by the ambulance department.

The second accident took place at 10:15 PM on W.J. Nisbeth Road, a few hundred meters
before the stoplights. Police central dispatch received several calls about a serious accident
involving a red Hyundai I-20 that had collided into a concrete wall next to a business
establishment. The driver was trapped inside the vehicle. With the assistance of the fire
department personnel, the driver was extricated from the vehicle and rushed to the Sint
Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) in a very serious condition.
The driver sustained severe injuries, including a broken leg, broken hip, and gashes to his
upper body. Preliminary investigations by the traffic department indicated that the driver,
while traveling towards the stoplight, attempted to overtake another vehicle, lost control,
and collided with the concrete wall. The traffic department continues to investigate this