Sint Maarten Police Force Addresses Concerns Regarding Circulation of Inappropriate Content Involving Minors on WhatsApp Group Chats and Other Social Media Platforms

The Youth and Morals department is deeply concerned about the recent reports regarding the circulation of sexual videos and pictures, of explicit content involving minors being circulated on WhatsApp group chats and other social media platforms.
While these platforms are designed for communication and information sharing, there have been reported instances of misuse, including spreading of sexually explicit content featuring minors. This conduct not only goes against ethical standards but also is also unequivocally against the law.
The sharing and distribution of sexually explicit content involving minors constitute a serious criminal offense, falling under the category of child pornography, and those involved will can be prosecuted.
We also call upon parents and guardians to have open conversations with their children, both boys and girls, about responsible internet usage. It is essential to be aware of their online activities and guide them in making informed decisions. The consequences of such behavior can be devastating for the minors involved, affecting their emotional well-being and future prospects.
The Sint Maarten Police Force is committed to working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of our youth. We appreciate the cooperation and vigilance of our community members in helping us achieve this goal. Together, we can create a safer online environment for everyone.