Bellevue Border Control Yields Results in Joint Operations by Immigration Department, Customs, and SPAF

In a collaborative effort, the Mobile Control Unit of the Immigration Department, Customs, and Service De La Police Aux Frontieres (SPAF) conducted a comprehensive multi-disciplinary control operation at the Bellevue border between Dutch and French Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin on October 5th, 2023. The operation aimed to ensure compliance
with immigration and residency regulations on Sint Maarten.
During the operation, a total of 56 vehicles, comprising 6 buses, 4 motorcycles, and 46 motor vehicles, were subject to inspection. Individuals were rigorously screened for identity verification and proof of legal residency on Sint Maarten.
As a result, seven (7) individuals that were unable to provide adequate identification or proof of legal status on Sint Maarten, were detained and transported to the Mobile Unit Office.
Upon confirmation and further investigation, three (3) individuals were released, as their permits were in process, or they were finally able to provide proof of a valid residence status for Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin.
The remaining individuals were placed in Foreigner’s Detention (Simpson Bay Holding Facility) pending repatriation to their respective countries of origin.
It is imperative that all individuals residing on Sint Martin ensure their legal status is in order to avoid detention and potential deportation. The public is reminded to carry identification and relevant legal documents at all times, as the identification law is mandatory for all inhabitants aged 12 and older.
The joint forces emphasize that routine controls will continue on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of immigration and residency regulations on Sint Maarten. This collaborative effort reflects our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our community.