In Commemoration of Police Week: Honoring the Guardians of Our Communities

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten – (October 10, 2023) The annual Police Week, serves to recognize and
appreciate the unwavering dedication of the men and women who dedicate their lives as the vigilant
guardians of our communities. A jubilant church service was rendered today at the St. Martin of
Tours Catholic Church on Front Street, which immediately followed a parade and luncheon at the
Government Administration Building in Philipsburg.
This year’s Police Week brings together esteemed members of the Police Korps from Aruba,
Curacao, the BES Islands, and the Netherlands, fostering unity, collaboration, and the celebration of
shared commitment to safety and security.
Today, this solemn gathering, paused to reflect on the pivotal role police officers play in their daily
lives. They are the fearless individuals who willingly place themselves in harm’s way, ensuring
safety, security, and peace of mind. Their unwavering dedication is a beacon of hope for all of us, as
they steadfastly answer the call for help, regardless of the time or circumstances. They are the
embodiment of selfless service, tirelessly protecting our communities and upholding the cherished
values we hold dear.
In her heartfelt address during this morning’s church service in honor of Police Week, the Honorable
Minister of Justice, Anna Richardson, emphasized, “Let us also remember that our men and women
in blue are not just officers of the law; they are fellow citizens, brothers, sisters, parents, and friends.
They too face challenges and uncertainties, but they continue to serve with unparalleled courage and
dedication. They deserve not only our respect and admiration but also our heartfelt prayers.”
Police Week is a time for the entire community to come together and express deep gratitude to these
extraordinary individuals who ensure the safety and well-being of our communities. Through their
sacrifices and unwavering commitment, they continue to be a source of inspiration and a symbol of
As we commemorate this year’s Police Week, let us stand in solidarity with our police officers,
recognizing the vital role they play in preserving the harmony and security of our beloved Sint
Maarten and the entire Dutch Kingdom.
Police Week began on Friday October 6, and subsides on Saturday October 14, 2023