On Saturday August 12, 2023, fifteen (15) financing recipients departed St.Maarten for the United States to pursue their studies.

Thirteen (13) students will be pursuing their studies in Tallahassee Florida. Tallahassee and St.Maarten have a sister city agreement which was initiated by the late Arthur Lugisse.Most of the students, eight (8) will be studying at the Tallahassee Community College TCC,  four (4) at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and one (1) at Florida State University. The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports,  Drs. R.E Samuel was on hand at the airport to address the departing students and parents. Saturdays is the busiest day at SXM airport, consequently they were unable to make the usual arrangements for the departing students.Upon arrival in Tallahassee, the students were welcomed by Mrs. Lilita Forbes-Johnson and other members of the Tallahassee Sint Maarten Foundation who transported them to a hotel.The Tallahassee Sint Maarten Foundation will be organizing an introduction and orientation program which will include assisting the students with opening a US bank account, school registration, city-and shopping tours, setting their rooms, and finally a welcome ceremony at City Hall. The students will be majoring in variety of priority studies for Sint Maarten such as Psychology, Computer science, Mechanical Engineering,  Construction Management, Speech- and Physical Therapy, Public Administration, Digital Media, MFA in Music, MFA in Dance, Dance Therapy and Commercial Pilot.In the coming weeks more students will be departing the island independently with their parents to various cities in the United States (5) Canada (3) and the United Kingdom(1).

The next batch of study financing recipients for the USA, predominantly CXC and CAPE graduates will depart the island in January 2024, after they receive their official high-school exam results. 

Approximately 25 students will remain on St.Maarten to pursue their studies at the University of St. Martin, NIPA, AUC and via online E-learning platforms.The most popular E-learning provider is Monroe College. Unfortunately, several study financing recipients with prerequisite high-school diplomas seeking admittance into NIPA’s Nursing program were denied entry into this program based a recently introduced ATI test. Provisions will be made to assist these students to pursue their dream to become a nurse elsewhere.