“Introducing little minds to the enchanting world of books”

The presence of books is very important to familiarize a child with them. Therefore, let young babies and toddlers play with baby books and let them enjoy them. Research has shown that children who are read to for 15 minutes every day from an early age learns an extra 1000 new words per year. As a result, they have a larger vocabulary and they are better at language later on.
This makes it easier for them at school. Therefore, you cannot start reading early enough!.
With the foregoing in mind, the Sint Maarten Library is excited to announce an innovative effort under the Read to Me program initiative – Dutch BoekStart Koffertjes – in conjunction with the National Library of the Netherlands (Royal Library) and Biblionef.
This effort intends to instill a love of reading in children, broaden their horizons, and promote the development of critical cognitive skills at a young age. The Sint Maarten Library will provide these Dutch Boekstart Koffertjes to all day care institutions.
The library understands the significance of early reading and language exposure in a child’s development. Furthermore, given that, the Sint Maarten population is multilingual in and of itself; our official languages of instruction are Dutch and English.
The Boekstart Kits comprise a broad variety of age-appropriate books, educational tools, and engaging activities that will take place during the months of August and September and are targeted to preschool-aged children’s specific interests and curiosities. By making these educational resources easily accessible to young children, we are taking a significant step towards promoting literacy and lifelong passion for learning. In addition, forms are included for parents to enroll their child as a member of the Sint Maarten Library.
The distribution of the Boekstart Koffertjes to the day care centers will take place from August 7 through August 17.
The Sint Maarten Library believes the foundation for lifelong love of reading and learning begins during the formative years of a child’s life. Moreover, with these programs we aspire to make the wonders of literature accessible to all children in our community, nurturing their creativity and intellectual growth.
The magic of books can and will unlock a world of possibilities, igniting their thirst for knowledge and laying the groundwork for the love of learning.