Le Sommet Foundation Announces New Dates for Craft and Farmers Market, Launches Three-Part Project to Support Agriculture in Sint Maarten

Le Sommet Foundation announces new Craft and Farmers Market dates at the Wifold Building in Philipsburg. President of Le Sommet Foundation, Mr. Fabio Doralice, and his team have been hard at work organizing this event, and the new dates are May 13th & 27th, June 10th & 24th, and July 8th & 22nd. The Craft and Farmers Market is part one of a three-part project aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture in Sint Maarten.Following the launch, “We will seek to engage the schools, there are two ways we wish to approach this. First, we will seek a partnership agreement with technical schools like Nipa and others, more details will be announced soon. Secondly, we shall seek to adopt a primary school and help develop a sustainable agricultural program.

The third part of this project will be a systemic approach that will help establish a Farmers Association. This association will provide technical support, training programs, and market linkages to farmers. The association will also act as a platform to provide financial support mechanisms to farmers, such as access to credit facilities, insurance, and subsidies. By providing comprehensive support to farmers, we can help improve their livelihoods, increase their productivity, and contribute to the overall growth of the agriculture sector.

“We are excited to launch the Craft and Farmers Market pilot program as part our the development plan for sustainable agriculture in Sint Maarten, This initiative is a step towards building a stronger and more resilient agricultural community.

All interested farmers and crafters are invited to the final meeting on Monday, May 8th, at the Wifold Building at 7 pm. Vendors are encouraged to register for the market. They can pass by our office at the Wifold Building in Philipsburg, email us at le*********@gm***.com, or call or WhatsApp us at +17215268232 or +1721-5236353.