TelEm Group says DDOS attacks on the rise in Caribbean Region


Engineers and technicians at TelEm Group are actively analyzing the DDoS assault.
TelEm Group is informing customers of a service disruption on the island.
DDoS is overloading the company’s communications networks with traffic, resulting in congestion that degrades service quality.
The attacks are sporadic and takes times to isolate the path in which is being targeted.
DDOS attacks, according to TelEm Group, have already disrupted telecommunications providers on the French side of the island, and TelEm Group’s network systems on the Dutch side of the island have also been affected for the past few days.

TelEm Group Core Manager Cresburk Browne stated, “Our technical and engineering teams are aware of the situation and are taking steps to safeguard our networks from being overwhelmed with traffic, which is essentially what a DDOS attack is.”
According to Cresburk, his staff is on high alert to ensure that the network’s security is maintained.
“As a consequence of this, the service may at times get disrupted or may operate slowly,” Cresburk stated, “but these actions are important to secure our networks and keep our network systems working while further efforts are taken to restrict future assaults.”
TelEm Group will keep customers updated on the situation and requests their patience and understanding as they work to restore regular service as soon as possible.