Sustainable Fair, cleanup, tree planting for Earth Day

The Public Entity Saba is planning a number of activities for this year’s Earth Day, which is on April The theme for this Earth Day is “A Sustainable Saba”.
The Sacred Heart School and Saba Comprehensive School have been given an assignment to construct a
sculpture out of recycled materials. These sculptures will be displayed at the Sustainable Fair event at
the Juliana Sports Field on April 22. At the fair, there will be an arts and crafts market, games and
various activities.
In the week of Earth Day, students will go on field trips to the Waste Management Facility to learn about
the process of recycling and the importance of this aspect of waste management. Justin Simmons will be
welcoming students to his farm where they can learn about agriculture and animal husbandry.
The Public Entity Saba is organizing an event to plant fruit trees in the week of Earth Day. Some trees will
be planted in St. John’s where the students can learn how to plant a tree. The students will be in charge
of maintaining the trees. Government is also donating some fruit trees to the Harry L. Johnson Museum
in Windwardside.
The annual island-wide cleanup will take place on April 20 and 21 in various locations. Residents are
encouraged to come out and assist with this cleanup. The schedule and planning for the different
locations are being worked out. T-shirts, gloves, snacks and refreshments will be provided to all
volunteers. Local businesses and foundations have been contacted to get involved.
People who are willing to participate in the cleanup are asked to send an email to “We look forward to working together to give back to our island,” said
organizer Jordan Every.