Stalker sought by Police

KPSM detectives, Traffic Department, and the Internal Affairs Bureau are conducting an investigation into an incident on Monday, February 27, around 7:30pm.
Police Central dispatch received a report from a woman driver indicating that she was being pursued by a silver Hyundai i10 on Arch Road. The driver informed police that she had filed a report earlier in the morning, since this car had been following her for a few days.
The driver was requested by Central Dispatch to drive towards the police station in Philipsburg where a patrol was waiting to intercept the stalker.
Near the police station, the patrol spotted the i10 and attempted to stop it by blocking the way with the police vehicle. Both officers exited the car and proceeded to approach the driver. At the same time, the i10 driver reversed at a high rate of speed and slammed into the police car. As a result, one of the officers was nearly struck by the vehicle. In the
attempt to stop the vehicle he discharged a shot to the car’s front tire.
The driver performed a spin and then drove off at full speed towards Middle Region. A pursuit was initiated during which the i10 driver struck another vehicle in the area and continued to speed towards the French side via Oyster Pond Road.
The i10 driver crossed the border at Oyster Pond thus entering French territory. The French side police were notified of the incident.
Authorities on both sides of the island are looking into this incident.