Ongoing controls

Due to the various activities held in relation with St. Maarten’s Day, the Police Force has been busy monitoring several of these events.
Overall, these events proceeded without any major incidents.
However, despite this the police special team still managed to carried out several operations all across the island. The following results were achieved during these coordinated actions.
There were several traffic controls held at A.J.C Brouwers Road (Harold Jack,) Soualiga road and behind the police station on the Nisbeth road. During the controls 60 vehicles where stopped and controlled several fines were issued and 50 drivers were controlled for having darkened windows. During the traffic control, one suspect was also arrested for being in possession of a stolen car.
Also, 121 grams of narcotics was found and confiscated in Dutch quarter area close to Nick-springs drive.
In addition, several coordinated actions were carried out in collaboration with personnel of TEATT and Immigration department in the downtown area, as well as at the cruise facility.
These types controls will be ongoing.