Rookie class holds traffic check on Nisbet road on Friday morning, Oct. 21, 2022

The police KPMS continues to improve and further develop its personnel on St. Maarten.
In this climate, the police force is conducting training of the rookie class on the island with the aim of improving service and engaging in professional interactions with the community.
As a practical part of their module, the BPO5 class conducted a traffic control on Friday morning on the sandbank along the Nisbet road.
During this control which was conducted under the guidance of the teacher and school coaches, several cars were stopped and controlled and fines were issued.
Drivers were fined for not having their license or insurance with them as well as for driving without a wearing a seat belt, and also failing to meet the technical requirements in accordance to the traffic regulation of Sint Maarten.
These kinds of traffic controls will be held more often in the near future. The police force request drivers to have all their vehicle documents with them while they are driving on public roads and to comply with traffic regulations.