All-inclusive launch of National Development Vision Building a Nation while leaving no-one behind

The Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK) has put together an organizing committee to prepare an all-inclusive launch of Sint Maarten’s National Development Vision (NDV). The launch is being prepared for the days leading up to Sint Maarten Day, November 11, 2022. Sint Maarten’s National Development Vision is developed through an all-inclusive participatory approach, which included all ministries, the private sector and civil society
organizations and the public.
With the objective to, “leave no one behind”, the National Vision is the result of a coherent people-centered approach. This trajectory was chosen noting the importance of social integration as the key to creating a sustainable society for all. Nation building as the catalyst for a sustainable future supports the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals agenda, eradicating poverty and generating employment opportunities for all.
A, ‘Nation for all,’ is a goal whereby all individuals with their rights and responsibilities get an active role to play in the functioning of government and society. To which nation building for Sint Maarten means first and foremost, social inclusion. As such it is expected that everyone continues to contribute and play an active role in reaching the national goals.
The established shared National Vision outlines Sint Maarten’s national goals, including the pre-conditions for the sustainable development of Sint Maarten. The National Vision is as follows:
“Sint Maarten as the Caribbean Business and Education hub, where everyone can be provided with the full range of opportunities needed to obtain and sustain an enhanced quality of life”.
Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs Ms. Silveria Jacobs supports this project in its entirety, as this is a cornerstone for the development of Nation Building. She looks forward to and encourages public involvement with this project.