Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (VSBO/PSVE) education on Sint Maarten is based on the Dutch model.

In my capacity as Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport I am aware that a smooth transition from VSBO/PSVE to higher vocational education or to the labor market is imperative.
This can be achieved by consistently ensuring that pathways provide progression options, with the concept of lifelong learning remaining accessible.
The Department of Education in collaboration with JS Consulting Services will be conducting research during the month of August and September to determine the viability of CVQs as a replacement for English vocational secondary education on Sint Maarten. JS Consulting Services has been contracted to execute data collection utilizing survey instruments/ questionnaires and stakeholders’ consultations. As such, survey questionnaires have been drafted for Students and Businesses in order to gather data as to Sint Maarten’s labor market expectations of vocational secondary level education and the experiences of past VSBO / PSVE graduates’ transition into the labor market.
Therefore, kindly take note that two links which will be made available via the government’s website and Facebook page. If you are a business owner in Sint Maarten or hold a managerial recruitment position within a business on the island, you can access and complete the Business questionnaire via the available link. However, if you are a current student of VSBO/ PSVE education on Sint Maarten or you have completed VSBO/ PSVE education on Sint Maarten, kindly access and complete the Student questionnaire via the following link.
Business sector survey instrument/ questionnaire

Students survey instrument/ questionnaire
Your contribution to this research is precious and you will only need about five minutes to complete this
short survey. Finally, I assure you that all information you provide to the Ministry ECYS is confidential
and only will be used for research purposes.