VISA and WIB join forces to make the FIFA World Cup 2022TM double exciting!

All customers with a personal WIB VISA credit card*can participate in our ra e and have a chance to win one of three prizes:
• Round 16 of FIFA World Cup 2022TM attendance, including flight, hotel stay, entrance tickets and $1000,-
(package for 2)
• A at screen tv
• A $500,- deposit on your personal WIB VISA credit card

Radio Quiz For VISA / WIB Score Big at FIFA World Cup 2022
Name 4 types of WIB Visa Credit cards ?

You can email us at

or facebook: sxm98.1pearlfm

or call us at tel: 1-721-5203981, 5204981

The first person with the right answer will win a brand new FiFa Football courtesy of Windward Islands Bank Ltd.