Back To School Message!…

*** As we embark on the new school year, The boards of the Le Sommet Foundation & the Haitian Association of Sint Maarten wish all students and teachers a productive and successful school year.
To the teachers, you have the most crucial role of all…You hold the monumental task of shaping tomorrow’s world by inspiring, guiding, and teaching our future generation today!
Your work is invaluable, often overlooked, undervalued, and underappreciated. You are our true heroes and we need you and your skill set more than ever.
We thank you in advance for your hard work, dedication, and patience this upcoming year. 

To the parents, education starts with you, at home. You also are called upon to guide, inspire, teach and support your children. 
Your role is exceptionally important, your teachings from home coupled with academic teaching from school are literally the pathway to your child’s future success. 

To the students, You are loved and valued. We are cheering you on to succeed. The academic year ahead of you will present various challenges and opportunities, embrace them! 
We ask you to remain focused, this new school year is another opportunity to discover the potential within you. 
To the community… We too have our parts to play … We are in times where we need more than we thought we did, more outreach, more support, more encouragement, more discipline, morals, and integrity. 
The famous quote says “It takes a village to raise a child”, more importantly, is the less popular African proverb “A child not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth”
Let’s look out for one another and be our “brother keeper”
Have a Safe and productive school year.
Fabio DoralicePresident of the Le Sommet Foundation.Vice President of the Haitian Association of St. Maarten.