TelEm Group announcing Prepaid Data Plans with EVEN MORE DATA.

TelEm Group has launched new mobile Prepaid Data plans, available as of June 1 st , with even MORE data while keeping package prices the same. Plans are tailored to fit every budget starting as low as $2 for 1GB on their 1-day plans and offering up to 15GB with their longer 30-day plans.
In an effort to provide more value for customers and to meet the increasing demands for data, key packages are now offering up to double their previous offerings. With today’s introduction of new Prepaid Data plans, customers can purchase data packages with more data as they need it, whether by the day, by the week or by the month.
According to TelEm Group Residential Manager, Marketing & Sales, Ms. Julie Zambrini, access to even more data helps to keep TelEm mobile Prepaid customers connected and on the go whether it’s for work, family or fun.
“We provide Prepaid Data plans that are tailored to the use of the individual customer, starting from as low as $2 a day for 1GB of data, to $40 for 30 days with 15GB of data, which can easily be activated by customers themselves,” says Ms. Zambrini. She says plans are activated the same easy and simple way Prepaid customers are currently familiar with. All that has changed is that you now get even MORE data while prices remain the same.
The Residential Manager, Marketing & Sales added that one of the key benefits of TelEm’s Prepaid mobile service is also the standard length of time credit remains active and accessible once a customer purchases Top-Up. According to Ms. Zambrini, any credit amount purchased remains active for 60 days after a Top-Up is made. Should the credit purchased expire, the customer can still receive calls and send SMS messages for 60 days after credit expires. Customers can also recover lost credit by purchasing a minimum of $1 Top-Up during the grace period.
Regarding the new data packages, Ms. Zambrini says “the new Prepaid Data plans are available as of June 1 st and now is also the ideal time for non-TelEm customers to take a second look at our offerings and think about making the switch if they have not already done so.”
“Once again, we are responding to the wishes of TelEm Group customers by offering better value with our Prepaid Data plans. We continue to tailor and improve our products and service without increasing prices. We want our customers to stay connected longer with more data to suit their needs across various budgets. Customers can continue to look out for more Prepaid and other product special updates coming soon. For further details on our Prepaid Data packages please visit” added the Residential Manager, Marketing & Sales.