Second session of Parenting in Action

Last week Thursday, April 21, the Public Health Department streamed the second session of the
Parenting in Action (PIA) Program live via its Facebook page. The topic of the session was: Healthy
Choices, Happy Kids: Supporting your child’s health. 
The session was hosted by Carol Irvine–Skinner of Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) and Public Health
Nurses Tedisha Gordon and Jenneke van Bussel. The guest speakers for this evening were: medical
intern Rimke Romee de Kroon, health promoter Allan Carolina and registered nurse/personal trainer
Kemaul Lee. The session was held at the Queen Wilhelmina Library in The Bottom.
Some of the topics that were discussed during this session were: child obesity and how to prevent this,
healthy nutrition and exercise for children, the importance of sleep for healthy child development and
efficient use of screen time for children.
The objective of the Parenting in Action Program is to share knowledge and give support for the most
challenging job in the world – being a parent. The program aims to empower parents in guiding their
children’s healthy development, through information and support. A new topic is presented every 6