Renovation Johan Cruyff Court moving ahead

SABA–The resurfacing of the Johan Cruyff Court in The Bottom is progressing well and should be
completed by end of April. The opening of the renovated court has been projected for May 5 th .
On Monday, April 4 th , Commissioner of Public Health and Sports Rolando Wilson, Head of Planning
Bureau Robert Zagers, Planning Bureau Project Manager Evita Pronk and Henk Dubbeldam, who
supervises the laying of the artificial grass, visited the Johan Cruyff Court.
The works that have been completed thus far include the excavation, compacting and levelling off of the
ground works, and the construction of the retaining walls to prevent dirt from washing onto the new
artificial grass.
The Johan Cruyff Court has become slightly bigger, creating space for tracking lanes and a volleyball
court. Currently the contractor, Saba Roads and Construction B.V., is working on resurfacing the field
with artificial grass. Also, additional netting will be placed to ensure that balls stay on the field.
When the project has been completed, users of the Johan Cruyff Court can not only play soccer and
softball, but after the resurfacing, they can also enjoy the volleyball court and two track lanes, one of
162m and one of 168m.
Involved in this project are: the Ministry of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sport (VWS), the Johan Cruyff
Foundation, Commissioner Wilson, the Planning Bureau, Policy Advisor Lauren Risley, Sport Coordinator
Joelyn Robinson, supervisor Dubbeldam and Saba Roads and Construction B.V.