New contracts aircrafts and helicopters Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard

Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard closes new lease contracts for the helicopters and the
current patrol aircrafts. In connection with the expiring contracts, for the last years work
has been done for new equipment for aerial reconnaissance and search and rescue.
During the first quarter of 2022 the contracts were signed.
With the Canadian Company PAL Aerospace Ltd and the Dutch Jet Support B.V. the
contract for the Dash-8 patrol aircrafts is extended. The two new SAR-helicopters will be
delivered by the British Company Bristow Helicopters Limited. With both contracts the
Coast Guard ensures herself for the coming ten years of aircrafts with high quality
sensors and means of communication.
The new helicopters, as expected, will be delivered during the year 2023. The aircrafts
are already in use, but before starting off with the contracts, the aircrafts will undergo an
extensive modernization. The new material is very suitable for search and surveillance
tasks and rescue operations on sea. The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard is very happy
with the new contracts. Defence took care of the tender.