Statia further eases COVID-19 measures

The Public Entity St. Eustatius has further eased the COVID-19 measures as of
Tuesday, February 15 th , 2022 now that the number of positive cases is slowly
decreasing. A maximum of 50 persons (instead of now 25) is allowed to be
inside restaurants and bars, or 50 percent of the full capacity. Dancing in bars
is now allowed, but only a maximum of 50 persons or 50% of the full capacity.
Attendees must show a negative self-test prior to attending the event.
Supermarkets and non-essential businesses no longer need to adhere to a
maximum number of customers.  
Group gatherings are allowed effective Tuesday, February 15 th , 2022. However, a
maximum of 50 persons is allowed or 50% of the capacity of the venue (instead of
25 persons). For indoor and outdoor sport activities a maximum gathering of 50
persons is also applicable.  While easing the measures, the Government
Commissioner Alida Francis still advises Statian residents to strictly respect the
hygiene guidelines. “The responsibility to keep St. Eustatius safe lies with each and
every resident.”  
The burden on the economy is the main reason that the local government further
eases the COVID-19 measures, while remaining cautious and taking steps to protect
the island. Government Commissioner Alida Francis states: “We can allow ourselves
this next step because the situation is stable and under control. The number of
positive cases is gradually stabilising and the number of persons needing hospital
care remains relatively low. In addition, the number of cases among the most
vulnerable groups did not increase. But we also need to be realistic: keeping the
island COVID free is impossible. That is why each resident needs to take personal
Non-essential businesses 
Non-essential businesses such as nail salons, barbershops and hair salons must
maintain a strict protocol and adhere to hygiene measures by having sufficient
sanitizing products available, and by always wearing face masks and gloves.  
All countries are still considered as high-risk. The requirement of a negative PCR
test within 48 hours before departure to Statia remains in effect. The mandatory
antigen test for vaccinated persons is no longer applicable since February 1 st ,
2022.  All persons entering Statia from a high-risk country still must stay in
quarantine (non-vaccinated persons, 7 days) or monitoring (vaccinated persons, 5

days). A mandatory antigen test at the end of the quarantine period (on the 7 th day)
or monitoring period (on the 5 th day) is applicable.  
Testing and vaccination 
The Public Health Department will keep the intensity of testing and vaccination
high. Vaccination will remain possible twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Testing is possible daily.  The easing of the measures was decided upon after careful
deliberation with all stakeholders: the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports
(VWS), the Public Health Department, the Crisis Team, the Island Council, the St.
Eustatius Business Association, the tourism & hospitality sector, school
principals/management and church leaders.