Prime Minister Jacobs meets with State Secretary Van Huffelen over Note of Amendment

Philipsburg – Today, January 31, the Honorable Prime Minister Silveria E. Jacobs participated in a
four-country level consultation held by State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen together with the
Prime Minister of Curacao, Hon. Gilmar Pisas and the Prime Minister of Aruba, Hon. Evelyn

Prime Minister Jacobs was able to address several concerns St. Maarten had regarding
the Note of Amendment. These concerns include the additional powers granted to the CFT in the
Note of Amendment. Viable solutions based on technical meetings held last week formed the basis
for a fruitful discussion on the way forward.

In today’s meeting, Prime Minister Jacobs also emphasized the need to have a written agreement in
which the concerns brought forth would be addressed in the implementation process. The
Parliaments of the Kingdom countries will also still have the opportunity to raise any concerns when
debating the COHO law. St. Maarten looks forward to welcoming State Secretary Van Huffelen
during her work visit planned for February.