Minister of Justice Tours Ministry and Introduces Course Coordinator

Philipsburg – On Monday, January 17 th , 2022, the Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson toured the agencies of the Ministry accompanied by the newly instated Course Coordinator, Ms. Miralda Martina and support staff. Since taking office, Minister Richardson took note of the grievances of many frustrated staff members who expressed that they lacked the completion of courses relevant to their function. Moreover, Hurricane Irma destroyed the Ministry’s Justice Academy, where the personnel of the Ministry of Justice underwent certification courses.
During the month of June in 2021, with the assistance of S.O.A.B, a vacancy ad for a Course Coordinator was published on various media platforms to spark the interest of potential candidates.
At least eight (8) persons between Sint Maarten and Curaçao gave a reaction to this vacancy. A selection committee was established in August 2021, and an interview process was underway. In October of 2021, Ms. Martina emerged as the strongest and most suitable candidate to take on the role and responsibility of the Course Coordinator for the Ministry of Justice in Sint Maarten.
The Course Coordinator falls directly under the Minister of Justice and is accountable to the Minister. She is responsible for the overall educational programs for the law enforcement personnel; takes care of both the organization and content of the training courses in consultation with the Minister and department heads and is also responsible for internal and external communication.
More specifically, the Course Coordinator coordinates the development, planning and implementation of educational programs for all law enforcement personnel. She has a role in shaping the training and development policy and the implementation of this policy. Ms. Martina has the task of organizing and setting up the training program and ensuring that the training program meets the needs and requirements of the Ministry of Justice as well as the needs of the law enforcement personnel. Quality assurance is of great importance to further encourage employees of the Ministry
of Justice to commit themselves to their own development.
With such a profile outlined, Ms. Martina has more than thirty years of experience in the educational field and more than 15 years as educational specialist and support. She specialized in the vocational sector and has created curriculums for educational institutions such as VSBO and SBO in Curaçao, VMBO and ROC in the Netherlands and for course institutions such as Opleidingsinstituut Rechtshandhaving & Veiligheidszorg of Curaçao, ORV (including all Justice organizations).
Additionally, Ms. Martina also has knowledge and experience in developing competencies for short and long-term courses from SBO level 1 until 4, Associate Degree 5 and Bachelor’s Degree 6.
Minister Richardson stated, “The establishment of the Law Enforcement Institute of St. Maarten is one of my priorities for our Justice chain. As such, it is one that remains on my vision board so that Communications Consultant Luis Hurtault we will see it through step by step. With the introduction of our dynamic Course Coordinator
Miralda Martina to the Ministry, I look forward to the development of the much-needed courses as well as the working relationships that will be forged in order to take into account the needs and requirements of the Ministry.”
The Law Enforcement Institute of St. Maarten will be part of the Ministry of Justice and situated where the former Soremar car dealership once stood and operated. The Ministry of Justice stands for a justice system that exemplifies fairness, integrity, law and order and enables a safe and more progressive St. Maarten. The Ministry of Justice seeks to have professional personnel at all levels of the ministry and strives to invest in their professional and personal development. In order to realize this goal, the Law Enforcement Institute will coordinate the development, planning and implementation of educational programs for all law enforcement personnel and provide (accredited)
training programs, training curriculum as well as training materials.