Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs presented with SMDF’s Audited 2020 Annual Report

On July 2nd, Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs Silveria Jacobs was presented with the St. Maarten Development Fund’s (SMDF) Audited Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2020 by Managing Director Makhicia Brooks and Program and Development Manager Melanie Choisy. SMDF being one of the self-governing organizations that receive funds from the Government of Sint Maarten, submits an Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements each year by the end of the second quarter. 

Prime Minister Jacobs stated, “I’d like to thank the SMDF’s team for the work that they have been carrying out on behalf of the government of Sint Maarten. This was the entity chosen for the SSRP Income and Unemployment Support Program and as such, I must say, receiving the annual report at this stage truly sends a strong message of accountability.”

The audit conducted by Stichting Overheidsaccountantsbureau (SOAB), provides a detailed overview of SMDF’s internal operations as well as its funding activities to 25 NGOs across five (5) thematic areas, namely organizations working in the areas of Youth Development, Social Care, Senior Care, Poverty Alleviation and Gender Support. The report also goes into detail about the management activities conducted in 2020, which includes the execution of the St. Maarten Stimulus Relief Plan (SSRP) Income and Unemployment Support Programs, the Collective Food Assistance Program, and the Community Spaces Project, amongst other initiatives.