TelEm Group fiber sales team is coming to Jose Lake Ballpark this Saturday

This coming Saturday, June 5th the TelEm Group sales team will be at the Jose Lake Sr. Ballpark, to sign up residents from Betty’s Estate, Ebenezer, Mary’s Fancy, Saunders, and St. John’s  

while they take advantage of the limited-time special offer, waiving the ANG 225 charged installation. 

The offer is being made now that these areas are fiber-ready and open to new and existing customers.

The sales drive will be held at the Jose Lake Ballpark, between 11:00am and 3:00 pm, during which members of the public and especially those from fiber-ready areas, can learn all about fiber and the benefits of connecting to the island’s fastest internet network.

TelEm Group says customers with an existing Landline or Internet connection have to keep in mind that the company will soon discontinue the copper service in these areas. 

“In our efforts to continue to provide the best service to our customers we are upgrading all existing customers to Fiber. It therefore makes sense to get connected now while the work crews are in these areas connecting customers than to do it later,” said Residential Manager Marketing & Sales, Julie Zambrini. “Besides, we are offering the Fastest internet for the lowest rates on Sint Maarten. Combined with our great FREE INSTALLATION offer there is no reason not to sign up”.

“That is why we are inviting everyone to come out to the sales drive to get their service upgraded or to apply as a new customer, all they have to do is walk with their ID and we will take care of the rest,” said Julie. Julie also reminds that the area’s offer of FREE installation is a limited one which ends on June 30th, therefore persons interested should take advantage by signing up as soon as possible.

TelEm Group is making it easy for members of the public to know if their area is ready for fiber by providing a fiber-ready map on the company’s website at –

Customers can also upgrade or apply for TelEm fiber via the company’s website at: or by visiting TelEm Group’s main office on Pond Island or branch office in Simpson Bay. 

Sales drive will take place on: Saturday June 5th, 2021

Location: Parking lot Jose Lase Sr. Ball Park

Time: 11am – 3pm