Suspect arrested for illegal firearm possession

A young man with initials R.A.G. was arrested by police for illegal firearm possession in Sucker Garden around 11:00am on Tuesday, June 1.

Based on information obtained, the suspect was allegedly in possession of a firearm in his car, and in addition, had previously threatened someone with bodily harm. The suspect was  spotted by police patrols in Sucker Garden and stopped with the permission of the Prosecutor’s Office. 

A loaded firearm was found in the car search and confiscated by police. The suspect was arrested and transported to Philipsburg Police Station for further questioning by police. 

The Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM has taken a hard stance on illegal firearm possession. Tackling firearm possession is of paramount importance to KPSM for the overall safety and security of the community and for KPSM officers who are on the frontline of community protection every day. 

In cases of suspected firearm possession, police officers are trained to tackle the situation rapidly to prevent any escalation and possible harm to themselves, their team, and/or bystanders. The handling of the Sucker Garden incident was such a circumstance.