TELEM FIBER NOW ROLLING OUT IN COLE BAY High demand expected from homes and offices

TelEm Group says residential and business properties in the Cole Bay area will soon be connecting to the company’s fiber optic network, now that fiber cables are being laid throughout the district.

TelEm Fiber workmen and sub-contractors are now busy in the Cole Bay area carrying out a series of civil works in preparation for the running of cables, followed soon after by connections to homes and businesses.

Cole Bay will be largest area so far to be connected to the company’s fiber network now that the areas of Simpson Bay, Point Blanche, Sucker Garden, Oyster Pond, Valley Estate Weymouth Hill, St. Peters, Betty’s Estate, parts of Madame Estate, have been passed as being “fiber ready”.

“Because of the density of population in Cole Bay, we have had to structure the rollout here in six separate phases,” said TelEm Group’s Manager Outside Plant, Mr. Cyril Priest. He says residents in the area can already see various teams digging, trenching, and getting cables in place to blow fiber into the pipes that will be located underground throughout the district.

“People in the area seem very excited that fiber is coming to them, so we expect we will have a lot of demand for fiber based on the initial reaction to our work crews,” said Mr. Priest.

Mr. Priest says the technical teams are maximizing the opportunity to run fiber in the Cole Bay area by laying the network of cables in such a way that customers can decide to connect to the network as soon as the green light for connection is given in their area, or at any time they wish in the future.

To ensure the message is delivered to the entire district, TelEm Group’s Marketing & Sales team is inviting all Cole Bay residents to request the latest map of the roll-out in their area, showing where the civil works are being carried out so that they can inform the company beforehand if they wish to be connected right away or not.

“We urge any company doing construction in the area or developers with major residential or retail projects to reach out to our sales office, sa***@te********.sx, so that we can ensure that the fiber infrastructure does not go past their project and that it is included in their pre-construction plans”says Manager, Residential Sales, Ms. Julie Zambrini.

Julie says TelEm Group will be using a host of media channels to keep residents and businesses in the area up to date with the roll-out of fiber in the Cole Bay area in the coming weeks, but also informs that persons excited about being first in their street with fiber, can keep a track themselves by following the workmen on the roll-out map.

“Customers can follow us and stay on the lookout on Facebook or by checking in on our page regularly for the continuous updates we will be providing on both platforms,” said Julie.