2 persons arrested for domestic violence

The continuing increase in the number of reports of domestic and family violence is an eminent cause for concern by Sint Maarten Police Force of Sint Maarten.
Members of the detective department are investigating two unrelated cases of domestic violence that took place over the last week where the victims were severely injured.
On Wednesday March 3rd, 2021, the patrol arrested a woman with the initials M.M.M-B. on Windsor road after she doused her husband with hot water following an altercation.
Two days later on March 5th, 2021, the patrol arrested the man with the initials V.P. living in Over The Bank, after he had assaulted his wife following an argument.
Both suspects were taken to the police station where they were held questioning.
It is evident that an increase in community awareness is needed in order to bring this abusive behavior to a drastic halt. This behavior should no longer consider as a ‘private’ matter. It is recognized by all sectors that abusive behavior towards a person in a relationship constitutes criminal behavior and is punishable by law.
The Sint Maarten Police Force KPSM is actively committed to improving our operational response to this crime. Persons choosing to engage in abusive actions will be held to accountable for their actions; it is just a matter of time. Instead of engaging in this illegal act, choose to walk away from the situation.
You alone are responsible for your behavior. Do the right thing and put a stop to domestic violence.