Good cooperation between partners helps save the life of a young man who tried to end his life.

Sometimes it is easy to complain to each other about why the Emergency Services cannot work optimally together. Yesterday evening, 17 January 2021, was a perfect example on how Emergency Services show results of training together , by saving the life of a youngster.
At approximately 7:00 p.m. Central Dispatch received several calls regarding a distressed young man attempting to take his own life in the area of Cay-Bay.
When the patrols arrived at scene they encountered a young man initials K.T. the extreme edge of the cliff, in Cay-Bay who appeared to be having a mental breakdown and wanted jump off the dangerous cliff into the Cay Bay sea. When the police patrol tried to approach the young man, he decided to climb further on to the dangerous cliff.
In view of the dangerous situation at the scene, the Central Dispatched decided to direct the Fire Department , Ambulance and Coast guard personnel to the location in Cay-Bay to assist the police officers.
At the same time, two of the police officers who were at the location decided to climb down the dangerous cliff behind the victim. After a very strenuous climb, the two officers managed to catch up with the young man and get him under control.
With great collaboration and coordination between the Fire Department and other officers who were on the scene, they managed to pull the youngster and the two police officers out of danger situation with minimal injuries.
The ambulance personnel, who were at the scene, administered first aid to the youngster. He was also given comfort and guidance by members of the Mental Health Foundation who were also at the location in Cay Bay. The Youngman was later brought to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.
The management of KPSM would like to thank the staff of the Fire Department, Ambulance Department, Coastguard ,Mental Health Foundation and the two police officers who went above and beyond their call of duty to save a young man’s life.