Suspect arrested in fatal shooting case of July 27th 2020


Tuesday morning January 12, 2021, personnel of the detective department arrested the suspect with the initials M.R in connection with an ongoing investigation into the fatal shooting which resulted in the death of J.B.A. The shooting took place on July 27th 2020 around 10.00 pm, on the Hyssop Road in Cay Hill.
On the night of July 27th 2020, the police received several calls concerning a shooting that took place on the Hyssop road behind the Former Old Cake house supermarket in Cay Hill. On the scene the officers encountered the victim J.B.A lying on the side of the road and not giving any signs of life.
The arrest of the suspect was carried out in the area of Hyssop road without complications by the police arrest team.
Before being transported to the police station, a house search was conducted at the residence of the suspect. During this search, items related to the investigation were encountered and confiscated.
The suspect was later taken to the police station in Philipsburg where he is being held pending further investigation.

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