“SafeSeal” – Clean Standard Seal Certification Program launched by SHTA, Medwork, & the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau.

The St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA), and occupational health expert company Medwork are pleased to announce the launch of their newest collaboration, “SAFESEAL – Clean Standard Seal Certification Program”. The program has been endorsed by the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA), and the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication (TEATT).
SafeSeal will become the immediately recognizable emblem for companies that are verified for their adherence to strict cleanliness and hygiene guidelines to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.
The SafeSeal has been devised by medical and occupational safety professionals. The methods and practices have already been used to grant acknowledgment of the best COVID-19 prevention practices to 1700 companies in the Caribbean wide. For St. Maarten, the checklists per sector have been validated to align with and support, among others, the official St. Maarten government health and safety protocols and guidelines.
Specialized checklists have been devised for lodging, restaurants, casinos, transportation services, and various other lines of business in the hospitality industry. Obtaining the Seal is voluntary. The SafeSeal serves as a visual recognition of the company’s commitment to the health and safety of its customers and employees and it will be used for digital promotions by St. Maarten Tourism Board and the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association.
By highlighting best-practice companies, the organizations wish to spread the word that St. Maarten is making its best effort to be a safe destination. The seal acknowledges a high set of operational standards according to international and local guidelines; a 100% guarantee of prevention is not achievable, but this highlights a certain level of assurance that the entity has been adhering to the safety guidelines and standards. The acquisition of the “SafeSeal” is also a powerful marketing tool for the participating businesses and promotes a safe and healthy image of St. Maarten as a trusted tourist destination in the Caribbean.
There are two levels of certifications: Gold and Platinum. Companies can choose which level they wish to aim for, and per department, specialized questionnaires and courses are available.
For more information regarding the SafeSeal Program, please visit: shta.com/SafeSeal or by calling 1-721-542-0108.