One more arrest made for damages to police vehicle


In the ongoing investigation into the damages caused to a police vehicle in a subsequent arrest made on June 11th, 2020. A male suspect with initials, D.F. was arrested on Sunday evening, June 21th 2020 without incident.
After further investigation, officers received information that D.F was also one of the persons involved in the stone-throwing. D.F fled the scene after damaging the police vehicle.
This incident took place on the morning of June 11th, 2020 at approximately 01.00 am, when the police patrol spotted a red Suzuki driving at high speeds towards the direction of Sucker Garden. The officers tried stopping the driver, who ignore the command of the officers and continued driving towards Defiance where he turned into the driveway of a home in that area.
While approaching the driver, persons in the area began to throw stones at the officers, damaging one of the police vehicles’. During this incident (3) three other suspects were arrested.
The suspect was transported to the police station and incarcerated pending further investigation. This investigation is still ongoing.
Results following police general controls 
Prevention is recognized as a key focus area for the overall well-being and safety of the community of Sint Maarten. 
To maintain a sense of security in the community, the Sint Maarten Police Force carried out several controls at various locations during the past week. These controls were held on June, 14th and 21st 2020.
During these controls, more than 500 vehicles were stopped and some 150 fines were issued. During this period, the police also arrested 15 persons for various offenses and infractions. A few of these controls were carried out in collaboration with the Gendarmerie and other law enforcement agencies. The community can expect more of these controls to take place regularly. 

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