Rocks throwing youth in Dutch Quarter

The Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM are giving a stern warning to the group of youngsters who are living in the emergency homes that are located in area of Union farm (911). During an investigation into stolen scooters and vehicles a few days ago, the officers were attacked by some stone-throwing youth who congregated in that area.
It is appalling how, at this time when the police are working tirelessly to keep the community of Sint Maarten safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, to also be facing serious threats from some individuals who choose to conduct themselves in such a reckless manner by damaging police vehicles with rocks.
This type of behavior is dangerous and unacceptable, and it is lucky that no one was injured during the attack.
Anyone who throws a rock, or anything similar, at a police vehicle needs to recognize that they can cause injuries to the officers and will be arrested and prosecuted.
The Police Force of Sint Maarten will certainly take action against these types of attacks taken against members of law enforcement. This kind of behavior will not be accepted by the police and will certainly be dealt with harshly in the near future.